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Does Delta Kappa Epsilon Haze? No. Delta Kappa Epsilon takes hazing seriously and abides by the hazing policies of Delta Kappa Epsilon Nationals, the Interfraternity Council and Washington State University. 

How old is Delta Kappa Epsilon? DKE began at Yale in 1844 as a Junior Society. We are the 10th oldest fraternity in North America of New England origin and were the first fraternity to establish Canadian chapters. 

Does Delta Kappa Epsilon have a nickname? We are infamously known as DEKEs. 

Does it cost a lot to become a member? Dues vary between semesters. We are one of the lower cost fraternities at WSU. To learn specifics about the total cost of membership, please contact us. A breakdown of Greek Life dues averages at WSU is available on the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life website.

Do you have a house? Yes, see the Facility tab for more information. 

As a freshman, can I move into the house? Information on freshman housing transfers are available on the Residence Life website. We are allowing freshman to live in chapter housing due to housing issues related to COVID-19 for the 2020-2021 academic year ONLY. The Zeta Theta chapter does not usually permit freshman to live in chapter housing as we believe the residence halls give men a unique college experience they should not miss. You must complete new member education and be an initiated active brother to live in chapter housing. See the Facility tab for more information. 

When will I receive my bid after I apply and meet the brothers? Informal Bid Day will vary between semesters. Please see the Recruitment tab for more information. Informal Bid Day typically takes place 35-45 days after the initial start of the semester. Virtual interviews are currently available. 

How long will I be a recruit? New Member Education typically runs six weeks. 

What kind of a time commitment is required when going through recruitment? New members can expect to spend 8+ hours a week between study tables, new member education, new member activities and more. 

What kind of time commitment is required when becoming a member? We have some very very busy members so we take pride in keeping most commitments to a minimum. There is no required amount that you must be social. Chapter, board meetings and retreats are mandatory. There is a required amount of study, workshop and philanthropy hours you must fulfill each semester. You can be as active as much or as little as you'd like as long as you're fulfilling your mandatory requirements. 

Do you have a live-in requirement? Yes, all members are required to live in the house for a full academic year. Since we do not allow freshmen to live in, you would most likely fulfil this requirement your sophomore year if you are just starting college. 

Do you have live-outs? Yes, we do have and allow live-outs. Historically, our live-outs have been operated by our junior and senior members. 

Is your house wet? No. Delta Kappa Epsilon no longer allows 'wet' houses. Our house is where we bond and grow as leaders, discover our potential, and work on academics. It is a safe and sacred place for members. When you visit, meet members, and tour the facility- you will discover that it is not the physical structure that is important, but rather the pride inside its walls. 


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